During this pandemic, have you ever wondered how this situation could be an opportunity to EVOLVE?

Have you been taking action to emerge as the greatest version of yourself or wondering how you can?


Or are you a Healer, Lightworker, Spiritual Teacher who's wanting to hear about how practices are evolving?


... then you're going to love this!


Here's what this is all about: My name is Kaí and I'm an experienced Lightworker.  My fiance, Dell and I are collaborating with over a dozen holistic practitioners and spiritual guides to create this special digital event to help you tap into what your soul wants for you as we face this Great Awakening.


Imagine stepping into this new paradigm feeling motivated, inspired and prepared after receiving messages and guidance that really has significance to you. Imagine being able to effortlessly resume your life knowing it is in alignment with your path and for your highest good.


Join us for a truly remarkable experience as we gather and EVOLVE together. 


See you there!

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Meet Your Guides:

Kaí, Co-host/Interviewer

Host of the Our Daily Magic Podcast, Kaí will guide you through interviews with over 20 experts, asking the important questions and detailing specific practices you can use to evolve during this phenomenon that is shaping our Humanity.

Dell, Co-host/Interviewer

Host of the Our Daily Magic Podcast, Dell is also known as the True Essence Connector.  He shepherds individuals along to explore the deepest parts of themselves. Bearing witness for others as they learn to live in their authentic truth is his greatest honor.




Designed to Help You

Thrive & EVOLVE!

  • Real-world solutions

    This is the Dawn of a New Age and there is so much that is shifting and changing right now.  But what can you do in this moment to be in your soul's highest expression and create your own new way of being in the world? 


    Grab a front row seat for deep dialogues and meaningful conversations and practices to generate your expansion.

  • Learn what's going on in real-time

    Skip past the outdated news and tune into the world's leading Soul Practitioners to hear something you haven't heard before and learn what's valid right NOW.

  • Incredible Bonuses

    Special offers, PDF workbook, exclusive resources and surprise giveaways 

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