Intuitive Soul Alchemist

  Reignite MAGIC

in your life

Sessions are not only for creating SOUL-utions,

they are also for when things are going well

and you'd simply like confirmation...

Have You Been Wondering...

  • How it feels to be UNLEASHED?

    When you decide to live the life of your dreams and too often hesitancy or resistance shows up and you don't know what to do...

  • What it takes to be FULLY present?

    When doing "nothing" sounds like a great idea because your racing mind refuses to give you a break...

  • Why you feel "off" or like Life is trying to tell you something?

    When uncertainty keeps you from enjoying the moment and being your authentic self...

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Let your OWN SOUL

tell you the truth ...

Freedom is not just a concept, it's a state of Being

Receive daily practices to embody

your new-found wisdom and integrate your new Self

When you hear your truth, you will know

A soul session reveals to you not only the truth,

but your own ability to receive it

Confidence and Clarity are two sides of the same coin

See yourself clearly

and accept your greatness 

Unleash Your Magic!


Connect with your Soul,

Ancestors and your MAGIC


Our Daily Magic



Conscious Relationship Coaching

for individuals and couples

Who am I?

Kaí has lived her life following intuitive nudges from SPIRIT which have led her on a wild adventure to study all over the world from Mexico to China.  This journey led her to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, live on a 100-acre healing herb farm, ride her Harley through the city streets, earn medals as a competitive bodybuilder, and even become a Publicist to the stars.  Now, Kaí has found her calling as an Intuitive Soul Alchemist... 

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