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"I am the Co-Creator of Our Daily Magic, which helps people to see, cultivate and own the Magic of their daily lives so that they can create miracles and a world reflective of the miracle that they are..."

I am also a wife, step-mom, psychic “medium” soul coach, and spiritual entrepreneur in service to embodying unity, consciousness, expanding perspectives and being FULLY UNLEASHED

By the way, “I’m not a ‘medium’… I’m a large, ok!” (lol).


I like to spark engaging conversations that reveal the depths of who you truly are… MAGIC… which, for me, is an acronym standing for, “Miracles and Grace in Co-Creation” or whichever words resonate with your inner-standing.  The values I bring are alignment, integrity, authenticity, and co-creation on which a foundation is created for deep internal work for each client that alchemizes into actual miracles.  It’s a powerful process that looks different for each unique individual so that you receive exactly what you need to be fully present to your greatness and ready to make some magic!


This type of healing came to me simply because I needed it and I was willing to experience it for myself.  It took a great deal of honesty, introspection and self-love to accept the layers of guilt, overwhelm and self-judgment that buried my true feelings underneath them.  Essentially, I thought that who I was, was a punishment for the choices I had made up until that point.  Talk about internal struggle… I didn’t know what I wanted in life because I was too busy running away from the punishment that I also thought that I deserved.  It’s when I finally surrendered to the torture that I was putting myself through, that I had a surprising thought.  I heard myself say, “this is isn’t so bad…”  It was an ah-ha moment that had me realize that the fear of me confronting myself was way worse than what was actually there… I tried over and over to find reasons to convince myself to NOT love who I am.  I was exhausted after each attempt to myself into my own worst enemy.  And I was pleasantly surprised each time that I was continually being absolved with compassion, forgiveness, and kindness.  The core of what was there inside of me was unconditional love.  What I had been running from was the very essence of who I truly am.


In that moment of surrender, everything and anything became possible.  The present moment opened wide up to expose the infinite gifts available to me and I could access the profound magic that was just sitting and waiting within.  And when I found it, I witnessed the unfolding of my internal landscape as it seamlessly flowed into my external reality.  I can see it in the eyes of people I interact with; I can feel it as the freedom of my own heart; I can sense it as a flow of powerful emotions; and I can hear it as the calling of my own Soul … a stream of well-being that I viscerally experience in my Body, Heart, Will and Spirit as connected to All.  And this is energy that I tap into when I serve.  The All that we are and the All that is One.

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